Monday, May 4, 2009

Season Ends....Where Do We Go From Here?

By Sean Mackey

The Bulls season ended Saturday night with a rather average 109-99 loss in Boston. I don't really even know what to say about the loss other than it was very disappointing. I honestly don't even want to talk about it. So there.....they lost in the first round to a rather average team without their star player, we move on.

Chicago's main priority this offseason will obviously be trying to re-sign Ben Gordon. The man has lead the team in scoring for the last 4 seasons, he's hit clutch shot after clutch shot. Give the man his money regardless if you go over cap. Unless you're going to be getting Chris Bosh, I don't think you can put all your chips in one bucket with John Salmons. Yeah, he's awesome, he was a great steal but Ben Gordon is consistently good every night. You just know that Joe Dumars is gonna be picking up that phone the first minute he can on that morning in July and he's gonna try to lure Gordon over to the dirty motor city.

Ben Gordon is our all-star player who's never been an all-star. If we have to get rid of Hinrich, we have to get rid of him. You make sacrifices for your best player. The fans love him, his teammates love him, he's worth going over the cap for if Reinsorf wants to keep Hinrich that bad.

Derrick Rose is gonna be working on his game the entire summer and Noah has already said he's gonna work to put on more muscle instead of traveling the world and smoking pot. This team is headed in the right direction. But we still need that one guy who can play in the post.

Do we get this post guy in the draft? Do we trade away Tyrus Thomas, the draft picks and Hinrich for Bosh if he doesn't re-sign with Toronto...or maybe try for Amare again?

It's going to be very interesting to see the team's lineup come August. The draft is 52 days away, less than two months, the question is what will the Bulls do?