Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chicago Bulls 2009-10 Schedule Released!

By Sean Mackey

The Chicago Bulls 2009-10 schedule was leaked today onto the Real GM forums. The Bulls open up their season on Thursday, October 29th against the San Antonio Spurs. The following night we get our playoff rematch against the Celtics on their home turf. Since it's on Friday, it seems like everyone assuming this one will be broadcasted nationally on ESPN. The schedule also features a disgusting set of 22 back to back games and a circus trip that will probably end with a 2-4 record (at best). February is going to be our one (semi)easy month with a ton of games against sub par teams.

Not to say I don't have faith that the Bulls can't win 45 games this next year, because they can but I'm just not that optimistic yet. I'm still very sceptical on how James Johnson will fit into the system and how well Deng is going to play at the 4 spot. However, a full season with a better Derrick Rose, John Salmons and a healthy Deng just might be enough to be as good, if not better than last year's team. Below you will see the schedule along with the link of the forum post on Real GM so you can talk back with the nerdiest of Bulls fans.



29th - vs San Antonio Spurs
30th - @ Boston Celtics


1st - @ Miami Heat
3rd - vs Milwaukee Bucks
5th - @ Cleveland Cavaliers
7th - vs Charlotte Bobcats
10th - vs. Denver Nuggets
11 th - @ Toronto Raptors
14th - vs Philadelphia 76'ers
17th - @ Sacramento Kings
19th - @ Los Angeles Lakers
21st - @ Denver Nuggets
23rd - @ Portland Trail Blazers
26th - @ Utah Jazz
30th - @ Milwaukee Bucks


2nd - vs Detroit Pistons
4th - @ Cleveland Cavaliers
5th - vs Toronto Raptors
8th - vs New Jersey Nets
9th - @ Atlanta Hawks
11th - vs Golden State Warriors
12th - vs Boston Celtics
15th - vs Los Angeles Lakers
17th - vs New York Knicks
19th - vs Atlanta Hawks
21st - vs Sacramento Kings
22nd - @ New York Knicks
26th - vs New Orleans Hornets
29th - vs Indiana Pacers
31st - @ Detroit Pistons


2nd - vs Orlando Magic
4th - vs Oklahoma City Thunder
5th - @ Charlotte Bobcats
8th - @ Milwaukee Bucks
9th - vs Minnesota Timberwolves
11th - vs Detroit Pistons
14th - @ Boston Celtics
15th - vs Washington Wizards
18th - @ Golden State Warriors
20th - @ Los Angeles Clippers
22nd - @ Phoenix Suns
23rd - @ Houston Rockets
25th - @ San Antonio Spurs
27th - @ Oklahoma City Thunder
29th - @ New Orleans Hornets


2nd - vs Los Angeles Clippers
3rd - @ Philadelphia 76'ers
5th - @ Atlanta Hawks
6th - vs Miami Heat
9th - @ Indiana Pacers
10th - vs Orlando Magic
16th - vs New York Knicks
17th - @ New York Knicks
19th - @ Minnesota Timberwolves
20th - vs Philadelphia 76'ers
22nd - @ Washington Wizards
24th - vs Indiana Pacers
26th - vs Portland Trail Blazers
27th - @ Indiana Pacers


1st - vs Atlanta Hawks
4th - vs Memphis Grizzlies
6th - vs Dallas Mavericks
9th - vs Utah Jazz
11th - @ Orlando Magic
12th - @ Miami Heat
16th - @ Memphis Grizzlies
17th - @ Dallas Mavericks
19th - vs Cleveland Cavaliers
20th - @ Philadelphia 76'ers
22nd - vs Houston Rockets
25th - vs Miami Heat
27th - vs New Jersey Nets
28th - @ Detroit Pistons
30th - vs Phoenix Suns


2nd - @ Washington Wizards
3rd - vs Charlotte Bobcats
6th - vs Milwaukee Bucks
8th - vs Cleveland Cavaliers
9th - @ New Jersey Nets
11th - @ Toronto Raptors
13th - vs Boston Celtics
14th - @ Charlotte Bobcats