Monday, June 30, 2008

It's Rose

By Alex Derickson

So with the first pick, the Bulls select local point guard Derrick Rose from Memphis. I'm a huge fan of this pick and think in a couple seasons Rose will be able to get the Bulls make it back to prominence in the Least-ern Conference. Granted, I love Michael Beasley and think he will be an excellent NBA forward and be an immediate impact for Miami, but I think Rose is the better fit for C

It seemed like once Kansas State would start to lose a game Beasley would get lost on defense and seemingly just disappear from the game. Rose just has an extra gear in him where he doesn't want to lose and almost refuses to when it counts. Watch highlights from the NCAA title game, Rose singlehandedly almost won the game for Memphis. That's what the Bulls really need as a player, not an immediate impact guy, but a guy who wants to win.

I want to sit here and say that Rose and Del Negro are going to work out perfect and the Bulls will be back as an Eastern Conference power next season. But I'm going to go ahead and keep my expectations a little lower than normal. Not quite Tim Floyd low...but I can't expect a rookie point guard and a rookie coach with NO experience to bring the Bulls around to where we got used to seeing them over the past few seasons.

Regardless, he's already looking better than a certain someone around this time....