Friday, September 19, 2008

Ben Gordon.....possibly staying?

By Sean Mackey

Finally, after 2 months of silence regarding the Ben Gordon standoff, Bulls owner, Jerry Reinsdorf has spoken. On Wednesday he had this to say:

''It has to be resolved, you know, we have a business disagreement
relating to the money, but he's still a Chicago Bull, and I expect him to play
for the Bulls. I expect him to play hard, and I'd be surprised if it's anything
other than that. I expect Ben Gordon to be playing for the Bulls this year, one
way or another. I don't know if it will be resolved before training camp, but I
do expect him to be playing for the Bulls.''

This is what I like to hear. I just hope they can get him signed. It would be hard to picture this Bulls group with out their semi-star player. Sam Smith (formerly of the Chicago Tribune) also finally blogged about the situation over at Hoops Hype. I recommend checking it out, the link's below. If there's anything I miss more, it's Sam Smith covering Bulls basketball. K.C Johnson is great but the whole NBA listens to Sam Smith's trade scenerios, it's ridculous.

Take the Money Ben by Sam Smith