Monday, November 10, 2008

Enough is Enough

By Sean Mackey

After watching the closely contested Bulls/Cavs game on Saturday night, I've decided the Bulls need to take Sam Smith's advice and make a trade. Andrei Kirilenko is unhappy on the Jazz after being their go to guy for 3 seasons and now sitting on the bench. The Bulls could trade Gooden and Nocioni and get this man. He runs, he's from Russia and he would be a great compliment to Derrick Rose.

Please, do something before the season is lost again. Last year I kept saying "oh they'll get better" and while the Bulls are not putting fans in panic mode yet, I don't want to see them dig themselves in another hole. Pax needs to pull the trigger on something and stop wussing out. Looking back at it now, we should have traded Deng for Gasol. Seriously, who cares? Now he gets paid the big bucks and he's underachieving.

Seriously, do something.