Monday, June 22, 2009

Chad Ford's Mock Draft 6.0

By Sean Mackey

We're 3 days away from the 2009 NBA Draft! The suspense is killing me! Bulls fans and analysts alike are stumped on what Gar and Pax are planning on doing. There's been talk of the Bulls moving up to steal the 11th pick in the draft from New Jersey but nothing is for certain. Over the last few weeks we've seen DeJuan Blair and Tyler Hansbrough's draft stock rise and fall. The one man I (semi)trust when it comes to mock drafts is ESPN's Chad Ford. This guy has a great feel on what's usually going on behind the scenes so here's what he had to say today with his new Mock Draft 6.0 ESPN Insider column:

Analysis: The Bulls have been working the phones this week trying to move up in
the draft.

They've talked to the Nets, Bobcats and Pacers about swapping
the 16th and 26th picks to move up a few spots.

Who are they after? I've
heard everything from Johnson to Blair to Hansbrough to Williams to Mullens
here. To be honest, I can't get a terrific handle on which way they are leaning.
In this scenario, Williams and Blair are gone, which leaves Johnson, Mullens and

Hansbrough is the most NBA ready. Mullens has the most
upside. Johnson is somewhere in between. I'm not sure exactly how Johnson fits
in Chicago with Luol Deng on one side and Tyrus Thomas on the other, but there's
no question about his upside.

James Johnson? Really?

Give me Hansbrough.