Friday, March 26, 2010

Wow, that was embarrassing.

By Sean Mackey

I usually don't like to blog about losses this late in the season. Every time I watch the Bulls get blown out, I get real sad and it generally puts me in a bad mood for at least half of the morning after. The Bulls got REALLY blown out last night at home by the Miami Heat 103-74. Naturally, I'm kind of pissed off about the whole thing considering I was looking forward to the game the entire day. That whole loss I witnessed in Indianapolis a month ago took the wind out of my sails and well, now I'm even less enthused. It's weird how something as trivial as a basketball game could do that to someone but with a team with so much potential it's hard not to over think things. Things like "why didn't the organization wait until AFTER the season to trade John Salmons" or "why did they trade Tyrus Thomas for a draft pick in 2013 that's probably going to end up in the 20's instead of having him help the team make the playoffs THIS season".

The whole night I kept waiting for someone to come off the bench and step up. I was looking for John Salmons, I was looking for Tyrus Thomas. The Bulls have this glaring hole in their roster without those two players. They had depth with those guys. Hakim Warrick and Flip Murray are decent 3rd and 4th guys off the bench but they're not as good as the guys the Bulls gave away.

Let's face it, Chicago isn't going to lure any decent free agent this summer. Why would Bosh come here when he can go to Miami? The Bulls will most likely hit the panic button like they did this trade deadline and end up overpaying someone like Joe Johnson. I like Joe Johnson, but $20 says as soon as he arrives in Chicago, he'll be on the decline.

That whole swapping draft picks with Milwaukee is looking pretty stupid right about now.

Bulls play the Nets on national television tomorrow night in a must win situation. They lose that game, I'm throwing in the towel.