Thursday, July 8, 2010

Carlos Boozer signs with the Bulls!

By Sean Mackey

The Chicago Bulls made a huge move in the right direction last night as they signed all-star PF Carlos Boozer to a five year contract. Boozer will receive around $75 mill over the next five seasons. While it's a big contract, it is not a max and it still leaves the door open for LeBron if he chooses to sign a max deal with Chicago. Although Boozer has been injury ridden over the last few seasons, while healthy he's averaged 17 points and 10 rebounds a game over his career. Averaging a double-double over 7 seasons is quite an accomplishment. Boozer also fills a need the Bulls haven't had since Elton Brand left, a good (great) post threat.

The Bulls swooped in and landed Boozer right after Chris Bosh confirmed he was headed to the Miami Heat. The Nets who also have been flirting with Boozer over the last few weeks were stunned by Boozer's signing to Chicago. According to ESPN's Ric Bucher, Chicago was Boozer's top choice long before free agency began last Thursday. Adding Boozer to the mix makes Chicago the best frontcourt in the NBA next to the Lakers' Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol.

Also, in the LeBron front, it's been reported by several sources that LeBron will be joining the Miami Heat. This now seems like his most likely destination on the day of his big announcement and I'm going to give ESPN the benefit of the doubt that their report is correct. This was first mentioned by Fox Radio host and former ESPN Insider Stephen A. Smith. ESPN's Chad Ford wrote a piece back in November about the possibility of it happening as well.

While Miami can offer a dynasty, it also will give him a tarnished legacy. LeBron James will be forever known as one of the best players to never be able to win a title on his own. He's came close over the last few seasons with the Cavs, why not go back and try again? Miami is Dwayne Wade's town. Wade won a title with a supporting cast, not a superstar entourage. Does LeBron really just want to be a sidekick and make the same money as two players that aren't as good?

LeBron's best possible situation just got better last night with the adding of Boozer. A team with a great young center, a former all-star PF and a budding Derrick Rose would give him a title with Chicago that wouldn't damage his legacy. He'd be top dog in Chicago as well, which he won't be in Miami.
LeBron will be announcing his signing with Miami* at 9:00 p.m. tonight on ESPN. The whole world will be watching.