Friday, March 27, 2009

Bulls Beat Heat, Just Like Old Times 106-87

By Sean Mackey

The Bulls continued their winning ways in front of a nationally televised audience blowing out the Miami Heat 106-87.

John Salmons was once again the deciding factor, he had 27 points, 5 assists and 2 steals. Of course the dudes on Blog-a-Bull had to once again demean the win by saying he can't play defense and can't rebound. The man's a shooting guard, he's there to score the ball. We have Thomas, Noah and Miller for defense.

Tyrus Thomas had yet another double double, ending with 15 points, 12 rebounds and 3 blocks. Love that man. Noah also played a solid game as well with 10 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists.

Derrick Rose was listed as a game time decision. He ended up coming off the bench which was a smart move by VDN since Hinrich is a better D-Wade defender. Derrick led the run in the 3rd quarter to help put away the Heat for good, he ended the game with a respectable 9 points, 7 assists and 5 rebounds.

Ben Gordon scored a quiet 18 points adding 4 rebounds along the way.

Not a bad game at all. I love VDN's current 7 man rotation. These guys are playing good and looking good. The team's passing has become pretty decent and they're learning to close out games.

With this win and the Pistons loss to the Lakers, Chicago pulled into the 7th seed in the Eastern Conference and 2nd in the Central Division. The Bulls have a well deserved night off this evening but play two matinee games this weekend. They play Saturday afternoon against the dream crushing, nothing to lose Indiana Pacers and a nationally televised WGN Superstation appearance against the Toronto Raptors.

Hopefully the Bulls can continue their stellar play and possibly even move up in the rankings a little more. They've got a lot of people talking and anything is starting to seem possible.

The question on everyone's mind is, if Deng returns, does he start? I'm gonna agree with Reggie Miller and say no. This is working out way too well to try something different.