Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bulls Win 3rd in a Row, Hold Onto 8th Seed in the East!

By Sean Mackey

The Bulls followed up their spectacular St. Patrick's Day upset against the Celtics with yet another win on the road against the OKC Thunder last night.

All I have to say is John Salmons.

This guy has been fantastic night in and night out since he was traded here a few weeks back. Luol Deng's future as a Bull could actually be in jeopardy because of how good this dude is playing. I have no idea who would want to take on his ridiculous contract but we might be able to dump him this summer along with Kirk Hinrich someplace.

The Bulls are currently holding on to the 8th and final playoff spot in the east. This would have the Bulls playing the hungry Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round.

I'd actually rather have them play Cleveland than any other of the elite teams in the east. I fear the Magic and Celtics would both tear the Bulls up in 4 or 5 games. I think they actually have a chance to win a few games against Cleveland so hopefully we don't move up in the rankings.
Saturday evening, the Bulls take on the Lakers at home in a nationally televised WGN Superstation appearance. They have two nights off in between which for some reason is never a good thing for Chicago. I hope they can pull off another shocker just to say they beat the Lakers, Magic, Cavs & Celtics this season.