Thursday, June 25, 2009

NBA Draft 2009.....TONIGHT!

By Sean Mackey

The time has finally arrived, the one day of the NBA offseason that actually excites people. The 2009 NBA Draft is expected to be unpredictable and filled with cost cutting trades. What the Bulls will do is still completely unknown. There have been rumors of Chicago taking Gerald Henderson, DeJuan Blair and James Johnson. None of these scenarios really seem that appealing since I'm hopping on the Tyler Hansbrough bandwagon. Blair, Henderson, Mullens & Johnson were all called back for a 2nd workout, Hansbrough wasn't on the list of callbacks so I'm assuming any shot of him coming to Chicago is slim to none at this point..

There's also a bunch of trade rumors floating around. Since Shaq was traded to Cleveland last night and it appears the Suns may be cleaning house, and Amare may be on the block. If the Bulls have any shot of landing him, give Kerr what he wants. Give him a combo of Tyrus, Deng, Salmons, Miller....whatever (just not Noah, I'm a fan). The Kirk Hinrich to Portland rumors started back up the other day with a "source" saying that Kirk has been telling his friends he thinks he'll be in a Portland uniform soon. The rumor was then shot down.....but how do even shoot down a rumor like that? I don't believe any of the speculation but you've got to wonder who started it and why.

Regardless, after tonight, the Bulls roster will probably look at least a little bit different. I just hope that Gar and Pax don't make any boneheaded moves that steer the franchise in the wrong direction.