Monday, January 11, 2010

Bynum For Bosh?

By Sean Mackey

The Bulls beat the Timberwolves Saturday night yada yada yada....nobody cares. The big news (rumor) in the NBA over the last two days was an article that Peter Vescey released for the NY Times reporting that a source believes that the LA Lakers are going to offer (if not already offered) Andrew Bynum to the Toronto Raptors for all-star Chris Bosh.

A move this big would solidify the Lakers as championship contenders for roughly the next 5-6 years. It would also throw away Bulls fan's pipe dream of signing the best of available post threat this summer. Three years ago, the Lakers stole Chicago's dream of acquiring Pau Gasol when they swooped in and traded a scrub and the draft rights to Pau's brother, Marc when the Bulls refused to trade Ben Gordon and Luol Deng.

A trade like this would make things almost unfair. I would rather see Bosh go to Miami than to the Lakers just to keep some balance in the East. I love the Lakers and I understand their importance in the league but this would make them unstoppable and the best front court in the NBA. If the Bulls have to give up Joakim Noah to get Bosh, they need to now. I love Joakim but they need help ASAP. I know the front office is hellbent on dragging Dwayne Wade up from Miami but Chicago needs a post player more than anything. The Bulls can probably pick up a halfway decent shooting guard in the draft. If this whole Lakers report is true, they need to make a move fast for the sake of the future of the team.