Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rose & Gibson Heading to the Rookie/Sophmore Game!

By Sean Mackey

The NBA All-Star reserves won't be announced until tomorrow but it appears Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson will be competing against each other in the 2010 Rookie/Sophomore game at NBA All-Star weekend. Rose is currently averaging 19.6 points & 5.9 assists per game. Taj is averaging 8.5 points & 6.3 rebounds per game. Derrick had 4 points and 7 assists in a loss to the Sophomores last year.

The Amare Stoudemire rumors are starting to flair up just as they did at this time last year. It was revealed today by Mike McGraw of the Chicago Tribune that the Bulls turned down an offer last season which would have sent Tyrus Thomas, Thabo Sefolosha & multiple draft picks to the Suns for Stoudemire. The multiple draft pick request was what apparently killed the deal and I'm okay with that. That was way too much to give up for a player who's had micro fracture knee surgery.

Mike McGraw also confirmed that Kirk Hinrich's name has came up in discussions between Chicago and Los Angeles. The Lakers would be able to offer a package of Adam Morrison & Sasha Vujacic. The only problem with that deal is that Vujacic has another year on his contract. If the Bulls are going to clear roster space for 2 free agents, they're going to need to get expiring contracts for Kirk. Personally, I don't believe the Bulls will ever trade Kirk Hinrich. He's the franchise's golden boy and a personal favorite of Reinsdorf. Plus over the last few weeks, he's helped the Bulls turn their season around. However, I could see Salmons getting traded if a decent expiring contract comes up.

New acquisition, Devin Brown makes his debut as a Bull this evening when Chicago visits the Oklahoma City Thunder @ 8 p.m. on CSN Chicago & NBA League Pass.