Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bulls Somehow Win After I Turn the Game Off in Disgust

By Sean Mackey

So, I literally turned the game off 15 seconds before the ridiculous 4 point play made by BG to toss the game into overtime. After the terrible Bobcats game on Tuesday night, and the Bulls being down by 4 with 35 seconds left, I figured the outcome would be exactly the same.

The Bulls are possibly the most average basketball squad in the NBA. Every time you think they're going to finally have a .500 record, they lose the game and win another the night after. They have some of the most inconsistent players in the history of the league. Noc for example has sucked hardcore the last few games but randomly has 22 points last night. I understand why they started Gray and Gooden to try to block the paint up but Tyrus Thomas had two amazing games previously. Last night, 2 points, 1 rebound due to being in the game for only 5 minutes. Tyrus can defend and block shots, he's just not a big dude. Throwing Gray and Gooden in the middle just to be fat is ridiculous. (UPDATE: Tyrus was taken out of the game due to dizzyness, wasn't VDN's fault) It just sucks to see the team manhandled by Zach Randolph. I think the consensus is that the Clippers are doing fine without Chris Kaman. Hopefully after Hinrich returns, either him or Gooden will be shipped out to LA for Kaman so we can have a legit center who can post up.

The Bulls need an interior defender and Chris Kaman is a decent REAL NBA center which is something the Bulls have lacked since Luc Longley left in 99.

BTW, Note to Paxson: Make sure you do everything in your power to resign Gordon. He's the only one I've seen this season who goes out and gives it his all every single night.