Monday, December 8, 2008 update!

By Sean Mackey

After taking a long vacation, I'm back. The circus trip went better than average but that game against San Antonio, they should have won. The boys in red somehow pulled out a win against the Wizards and tomorrow night they'll try to knock the New York Knicks off at home.

A quarter of the season is over and the Bulls are doing so, so. The consensus is that Derrick Rose will be an all star caliber player within the next two years, if not now. The Bulls have little trade bait other than Gooden and Hinrich (after his finger heals), so it'll be interesting to see who's on the team in March. I do believe someone will be shipped off by then, actually, I guarantee it. Gooden's contract is expiring, he'd be a great back up to Zack Randolph out in L.A. if the Clips would be willing to part with the big fake German guy, Chris Kaman. We need a center who isn't Aaron Gray, who is doing decent for having to start when he knows he's a bench guy.

All we can do is hope and pray the Pistons start losing more games so the Bulls can move into 2nd in the Central Division.