Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hell Freezes Over, Bulls Win Two in a Row

By Sean Mackey

The Bulls somehow squeaked by the NY Knicks last night 105-100. Drew Gooden was the Bulls high scoring "threat" with 22 points. He also pulled down 16 boards. It was once again, Larry Hughes (?) who saved the day by hitting a 3 within the last minute of play. Old Larry is currently ranked 12th in the NBA at 3 point percentage. Can't say we saw that one coming. Former Chicago Bull, Chris Duhon continued to do well with 15 points and 14 assists. D-Rose had 15 and 8 but anyone who thinks C-Du is better than him needs to have their head examined.

All of the cards fell where they were suppose to in the rankings last night. The Pistons and the Bucks lost (the only competition for the #2 spot in the Central Division). The Bulls are currently sitting on the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference. Meaning if the playoffs started today, we'd get smashed and mutilated by the dirty Boston Celtics. It's pretty obvious that the Bulls aren't going to get past them or the Cavs in the playoffs. Their only hope of survival would be to grab the 6th seed. This would have them playing the Hawks or the Magic which are teams I think the Bulls have a slight chance of beating but at least it's plausible.

The Knicks game was something that I really wanted to watch but it was blacked out in my area on NBA League Pass Broadband. It seems like every game they play is blocked out on there and I'm really starting to question why Alex and I even went ahead and paid $90.00 for a subscription to a team who's games are blacked out more than half the time. Usually it's because of them playing on NBA TV, a station our cable company fails to carry.

The Bulls visit the Grizzlies on Friday night. Memphis is 6-15 right now and being carried by rookie players Marc Gasol and O.J Mayo. It'll be interesting to see how well Gordon and Mayo match up.