Friday, July 10, 2009

Boozer to Bulls? Not Likely.

By Sean Mackey

Well, here we are, one week into free agency and we've lost our best player and ridiculous trade rumors are swirling left and right.

So far, the Chicago Bulls summer is off to a very rough start. From drafting James Johnson & Taj Gibson to letting BG walk away to re-signing Pargo, this is quickly turning into a disaster of 2009. No one really knows what the intentions of the Bulls front office are at this point. We're all left scratching our heads wondering whether or not they're intentionally trying to piss off fans and players alike. If they are, Reinsdork and Gar Forehead are doing a fantastic job!

The Bulls are a 9th seed at best this season. Every team in the east is getting better except for us all while making JR look like the biggest cheapskate in the NBA.

Late yesterday, a report surfaced from a Utah radio station that the Jazz, Blazers and Bulls were discussing a 3 team deal that would send Carlos Boozer and Steve Blake to Chicago. The report was then confirmed by ESPN but later shot down via Yahoo Sports twitter that the Bulls hadn't had ONE conversation regarding the Boozer trade.

If ESPN is just running with rumors started by local FM radio stations, their credibility is really going down the toilet. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo has broke most of the big trade stories of the summer so far with ESPN scrambling to follow them up on their network's Sports Center program. It's getting pretty sad when the "world wide leader in sports" is being beat to the big stories and having rumors rightfully shot down on a daily basis by the more and more respected Wojnarowski. ESPN needs to get their shit together or pick up Wojnarowski so they'll stop looking idiots reporting on a story that was shot down an hour before by a more reliable source.

Boozer to the Bulls would be nice but only if Ben Gordon hadn't bailed for Detroit one day into free agency. It's the kind of move that would have made Chicago a contender but not having a main scoring option leaves us with a big hole at the 2 spot. I'm not sure trading Kirk Hinrich at this point would be the best thing to do since it would leave the team incredibly shallow at the 1 & 2 positions. Boozer would also want $12 million for an extension. This is something I doubt Reindorf would be okay with therefore making his time here useless other than giving fans false hope that we're building a contender.

From what I've read, the recent re-signing of Jannero Pargo puts the team just at or over the luxury tax meaning that some sort of money saving deal is imminent. Whether its trading Tyrus for a future pick so they don't have to offer an extension or packaging him and Kirk for an expiring contract. And for what? To pretend that the team has ANY chance at signing Chris Bosh or Dwayne Wade on July 1st 2010. I love how the only goals are to get one of those two superstars. So I ask this......what's the back up plan guys?