Friday, July 31, 2009

Bulls Waive Linton Johnson and Demarcus Nelson...Odom Re-signs with Lakers!

By Sean Mackey

The Bulls finally decided to cut ties with Linton Johnson and Demarcus Nelson yesterday. Johnson was here on his 2nd stint as a Bulls player and after being signed to a 10 day contact, was kept for the remainder of last season. I don't think Demarcus Nelson even saw a minute of playing time last season. This now puts the 2009-10 Bulls roster at 13.

You can tell it's a pretty slow news day when I'm even mentioning something as pointless as that.

The somewhat notable NBA news of the day comes from LA. Lamar Odom is re-signing with the Lakers!

Why am I excited you ask? Because Pat Riley couldn't lure him to Miami therefore not improving his rather mediocre team. I think Riley is gonna have a hard time trying to bring in a high quality player to South Beach this year by the trade deadline. If he does land someone, it's gonna be Amare, Boozer or Bosh. This would be disastrous for the Bulls who are expected to make a push for Mr. Dwayne Wade next summer. So, lets keep our fingers crossed that Riley is tradeblocked (yep, new term i made up) from making any moves that are going to improve his squad and satisfy his star player.

ESPN NBA analyst, Ric Bucher tweeted last night that the Odom's supposed meeting with Riley and Wade never even happened. Who the hell is making this shit up and who's telling the truth?

The Lakers are my favorite team in the west so I'm glad they got their 6th man locked down for the next few years. I also can't wait to see how Ron Ron is gonna work out. I hope he beats up Celtics fans this year instead of white trash from Detroit. "Boston Brawl"....gotta nice ring to it right? I think so.

Also, Ricky Rubio is said to have a 50/50 chance of playing for the T-Wolves this season. I don't really particularly care for how he or his family have handled this whole debacle but I'd like to see him play this year. It'd be good for the league and for Minnesota who are building a decent club. However, I'd rather see Bill Laimbeer be the coach as opposed to Mark Jackson but if it gets Mark out of the broadcast booth, than so be it. I hate that guy. Why he was selected to call the NBA Finals is beyond me. I would have rather had Isiah Thomas back behind the desk.

That is all for this week, have a great weekend!