Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Hate This Time of Year

By Sean Mackey

By this time every summer, the draft, summer league play and free agency have ended and it leaves me very bored. The Bulls seem to be set with their 2009-10 lineup which has left just about everyone wanting more. This organization seems to pull this shit every year. We're teased all summer by trade rumors but nothing ever comes of it, then we draft 2 guys that we're all scratching our heads about. I love the Bulls but living in Northern, KY and liking a very average (at best) NBA team makes me want to start following another sport or team. Yeah, I like the Magic and the Lakers but unfortunately I'm an emotionally tied down Bulls fan.

I'm also gonna go out out and say this......I'm getting really tired of Twitter. Everyday, some analyst or 2 bit sports talk show host sends out a tweet that says the Bulls were/or are involved in trade talk. Of course, any rumor is denied by the organization and sources are never given leading us fans to ask who's telling the truth and who's pretending their Sam Smith.

Today's rumor came from a feed that I follow called "Sports Unplugged". The update said that the Bulls were in Vegas last week discussing a three way deal involving Tyrus Thomas, JR Smith and Carlos Boozer with the Nuggets and Jazz. I believe they might have talked about it but it probably wasn't a conversation that got very far. This is just an instance of someone saying something because there's nothing remotely going on in the NBA right now. When the biggest news is who Lamar Odom is gonna sign with or whether David Lee/Nate Robinson will re-sign with the Knicks, you know the offseason has cooled down.

Late next month or early September we'll finally get to see what the TV schedule looks like. I'm hoping that my cable company will start offering League Pass so I can watch the games on the big screen as opposed to my 22 inch computer monitor. I'm not complaining that I had to watch games on my computer last year through NBA League Pass Broadband though. Before that, all we got in Northern, KY was about 30 televised games a year spread out between WGN America, TNT and ESPN. Yuck!

I don't know about you, but I'm starving for some Bulls games. This offseason has already been too long.