Monday, February 2, 2009

Bosh Not Re-signing With Toronto

By Sean Mackey

The big news today is that Chris Bosh of the Toronto Raptors has told management that he's not going to re-sign in 2010. This isn't just a rumor either, since it was acknowledged live on ESPN by Stephen A. Smith. I consider him one of the better inside NBA analysts out there, so I'm taking his word for it.

With this being said, the Raptors are going to need to deal him to get something in return. Do the Bulls have a chance at landing him before the trade deadline? No. Not a chance in hell. The Bulls don't have a player a team can build around, so don't expect them to swap him for Hinrich and Gooden. This is just going to hurt their chances of landing him in 2010. Chances are, he's going to end up down in Miami. They can offer Marion and probably Beasley. The problem is that if things don't work out, he may re-sign somewhere else in 2010.

Bosh with Wade together would make them a decent contender this year. The Bulls only hope may be to call Steve Kerr and see how much he wants for Amare. Maybe he'll pull a Kevin McHale and save his former franchise from mediocrity. I dream too much.