Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Johnny "Red" Kerr Honored Tonight & Trade Rumors

By Sean Mackey

The Bulls will try to continue their best play of the season tonight at home against the Detroit Pistons. It's safe to say that their rivalry is over. Ben Wallace is out of the picture and the Pistons are playing so so with the arrival of Allen Iverson.

During halftime tonight, the Bulls will be honoring longtime play by play announcer Johnny "Red" Kerr. This is something that was long overdue. I can't tell you how much I miss listening to Johnny and Wayne Larrivee this season. I absolutely can not stand Stacey King or Neil Funk. They're funny from time to time when Stacey says something stupid but they can't compare. Plans are underway for a statue of Johnny as well, very classy. MJ and Scottie will be in attendance tonight so hopefully the Bulls can honor him with a win as well as a halftime celebration.

Hopefully the trade rumors aren't going to kill the Bulls mentality tonight, but they probably will. I'd be kind of upset if I thought I might be shipped off by next Thursday. It's ashame to think the core will probably be shook up by then but we've tried this for 3 or 4 years, some changes have to be made.

According to Rumor Press, the Bulls have thrown Thomas, Gooden, Sef & their first round draft pick at Steve Kerr, but he's not biting yet. He wants Joakim Noah as well. Throwing in Noah is something I might hesitate to do unless they're considering giving us Robin Lopez as well as Amare. Regardless, the Bulls are going to have at least a slightly different look by next Thursday.