Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bulls come from behind again...different result occurs

by Alex Derickson

In another come from behind game, the Bulls fell short of defeating Shawn Marion's dunk. It a strange turn of events, Ben Gordon (31 points 5 rebounds 2 assists) asserted himself as the clutch player on the team by sinking three key freethrows to tie the game at 93 with about six seconds left. Then on Miami's inbound play Kirk Hinrich came up with a great steal as Dwayne Wade fuddled with the ball. Somewhere between that steal and the forthcoming timeout, VDN got drunk at the wheel and subbed out Rose (18 points 6 assists) and put in Thabo Sefolosha. I'm assuming this was for length purposes incase a tip in was needed if BG couldn't get the shot in. Apparently he forgot that Rose was capable of doing this
On the inbound play, "Simple Jack" (Thabo, for those keeping score at home) throws the ball into the hands of Dwayne Wade. Apparently Thabo thought 2010 had already happened and Wade just forgot to change jersey's. 
What happened next was very interesting to me. Miami calls a time out and...holy crap! Spoelstra drew up a play for them! Imagine that, a rookie coach drawing up a play to win the game. Between Skiles apathy, Boylan's impotence, and VDN's...well..Vinnyness, I totally forgot what that was like. 
It's nice to see this team fighting back from being down and actually playing well even though this was one of their sloppier games of late (19 turnovers, 20 assists). It would be nicer to have seen them pull out a stop and send it to overtime. Can't win them all...and in this case, can't win half of them either.