Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bulls Win 3 In A Row...On The Road!

By Sean Mackey

Somehow, the Bulls beat the far superior Phoenix Suns last night. Not only did they win, but they led the entire game. Derrick Rose and Ben Gordon both had 26 points. Deng had another great game with 17 points and 10 rebounds.

How the Bulls managed to outrebound a team who has Shaq and Stoudemire was beyond me. They did a pretty decent job of containing both of them as best as they could. Poor defense from D-Rose and BG led to Barbosa getting anything he wanted but whatever, a win's a win. Not only that but it was a convincing victory. They moved the ball very well, they got some good looks and made some decent shots.

I'm not getting all excited or anything because every winning streak this season has lead to a losing streak thus pushing the team's record further away from .500. The Bulls play the next three games on the road against far better teams. The Rockets, Hornets and Mavericks follow starting on Tuesday. If they can maybe win one more of these games, I'll be content.