Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bulls Fall to Pacers in Ft. Wayne

By Sean Mackey

The Bulls ended up losing their 2nd straight preseason game, this time against the underwelming Indiana Pacers in a small arena out in Ft. Wayne. Derrick Rose looked okay again, drove a few times, made one three pointer in the 4th quarter. Free Money led the Bulls in scoring with 15 points, he also had 10 rebounds. The Bulls were without Gooden, Gordon & Noah. The Pacers were without Dunleavy and Murphy, and we still lost to them. Needless to say, it was so boring, I turned it off and played 2K9 where I also lost to the Pacers.

Sorry to anyone who tried the non-working Sopcast link posted on the blog. I eventually found a crappy transmission from FSN Indiana to watch the game on. The quality was terrible, the commentary was all about the Pacers and at one point Mike Dunleavy was in the broadcasting booth and the camera was more focused on him than the game. So, trust me, you weren't missing anything.

Tonights game is against K-Love and the Minnesota Timberwolves who are 2-1 in the preseason. The Bulls will once again be without BG but Noah will make his first appearance in Horace Grant style, sportin' some goggles. There are no listings for a stream yet. The game will be broadcasted on CSN Chicago so I'm sure a link will turn up by this evening which will be posted shortly before gametime if we can find one.