Monday, October 20, 2008

Bulls Win One, Lose One to the Jazz

By Sean Mackey

The Bulls finally pulled out their first win of the preseason on Friday night with the help of Ben Gordon who had 23 points off the bench. I watched part of the game online, I turned it off though because every time the Bulls pulled ahead, the Jazz came right back. They won by only 3 points but a win is a win.

Saturday night marked the first nationally televised game of the season. The Bulls once again played the Jazz only to lose by 8. Ben Gordon sat this game out (probably just to make a point that the team needs his scoring). Deron Williams got a nasty injury in the first quarter and had to be wheeled off the court. This gave the Bulls an advantage but Carlos Boozer proved to be unstoppable in the paint. The Bulls interior defense is almost nonexistant. The one thing I did notice more than anything was Tyrus Thomas. If he plays as hard as he did on Saturday, the guy's gonna win most improved player. I believe he had 15 points and 14 rebounds. He crashed the boards, drove the ball, made free throws, he looked outstanding. I hope VDN continues to give him decent minutes so he can perform. He's by far the most exciting player on the team so it should be fun to watch the man this season.

A week from tomorrow the season opener takes place against Scott Skiles and the Bucks. This is a game they NEED to win so they can gain some confidence to win the first few games before the dreadful circus trip.