Friday, October 24, 2008

Preseason Finale TONIGHT Against Skiles/Boylan's Bucks Plus Zach Randolph Trade Rumors!

By Sean Mackey

Tonight marks the end of the preseason. The Bulls record stands at 3-4. A win tonight will have them walk away with a decent 500 record highlighted by wins against the Jazz and the Mavs. They'll be facing off against Scott Skiles and Jim Boylan's Bucks in their first appearances at the UC since their departures. The Milwaukee Bucks have had a miserable preseason so far with a 1-6 record. The only win they squeaked out was a 4 point victory over the Golden State Warriors. Charlie Villanueva so far been their best player with averages of 14 points, 4 rebounds a game.

It's very important for the Bulls to come out and destroy them early on. Skiles and Boylan must go down. The Bulls lineup tonight is probably going to be ridiculous since VDN has already went on record saying they're not going to play them using their regular game plan, whatever that means, we have yet to find out. Either way though, the Bulls have a good shot at a victory, with or without Larry Hughes hehe.

Chicago has also came up in some recent trade rumors regarding Knicks' PF Zach Randolph. The Bulls have cleared some roster space by cutting Brown, Washington, Powell & Ruffin. A clean swap of Hughes for Randolph would work as well as a deal that includes Hinrich & Nocioni.

As much as I don't like the guy, Randolph would definitely help fill the void of the decent post player the Bulls have been lacking the last 5 seasons. Hinrich and Noc would both thrive under a D'Antoni offense and Randolph would definitely help out Thomas and Gooden with rebounding and scoring. A definite win-win situation but I have a feeling that Cleveland is probably more realistically interested yet I have no idea who they would have to trade off for him. They're in a win now situation with LeBron suspected to bolt to Brooklyn in 2 seasons, so getting as many guys in there to help him is a must for them this year.

The Bulls are just one or two pieces away from being a decent playoff condender, it'll be very interesting to see what they do midseason.