Friday, October 17, 2008

Jazz, Jazz, Jazz....

By Sean Mackey

UPDATE: Link for Bulls/Jazz game tonight (Friday Oct 17th at 7:30 p.m.). The link can be found on this forum, you'll need either TV Ants and/or Octoshape (

The Bulls will be taking on the Utah Jazz both Friday and Saturday evening this weekend. I'm hoping they can some how win at least ONE preseason game. They lost again to the Wolves earlier this week. I didn't blog about it because I angry they lost another stupid game they should have won. There was a short web stream of it on Justin TV for a few minutes but the streamer quickly switched to the Knicks game. Seriously, who cares about the Knicks?

Anyways, tonight they play the Jazz at Assembly Hall in Illinois to mark a homecoming of Deron Williams, tomorrow they play at the United Center. Also, tomorrow's game is the first nationally broadcasted Bulls game! I'm very excited that I get to watch them play on my 58' inch HDTV rather than a pixalated web stream on my 17 inch computer monitor. Yay for me. Have a great weekend.