Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bulls Season Starts TONIGHT with a Rose/Sefolosha Backcourt! Sam Smith Writing Exclusively for the Bulls and More!

By Sean Mackey

Tonight is what we've all been waiting for. The first regular season game for the Bulls takes place this evening in Chicago where they'll take on the Milwaukee Bucks, a team led by the two guys who failed us so terribly last year.

There is a lot of controversy brewing on Bulls blogs and fansites this morning since yesterday evening it was announced that Sefolosha would be starting at the 2 spot instead of Kirk Hinrich. Sef performed medicore the whole preseason but scored 18 points, pulled down 7 boards and dished out 10 assists in last Thursday's win against the Bucks. However, this is also mediocre when you take in the fact that he played 49 minutes and shot 5-14.

I don't think anyone needs to fret about this. I have a feeling that VDN will be shaking up the starting lineup quite frequently this season and since this is the first game, it's getting blown completely out of proportion. Sef is a great defender and a big guard. He's going to be the best guy we have to defend against Michael Redd. Lets face it, we should be thankful it's him and not Larry Hughes (who would be starting tonight if he wasn't hurt). I'm willing to take a chance with any lineup that will help them win games. It shouldn't matter who's starting. There's so much ridiculously good talent on the team that it's hard to spread out minutes among them.

At least Derrick Rose is for sure starting tonight rather than coming off the bench. He's the leader of this squad and he's going to have to bring these guys together before another season goes by and implodes. These guys are too talented to be dismanteled this early. I'm glad Pax is sticking with his gut on this one and keeping the guys, but seriously, Hughes has to go.

The game will be streamed tonight FOR SURE since it's the only other game being played tonight other than the 2 that are being broadcasted nationally. I'm sure there will be more than one source so we'll try to post the best quality link on the blog this evening.

Also, another thing that's going to make some Bulls fans happy, Sam Smith is back! After some short stints with Hoops Hype and The Sporting News following his departure from the Tribune, Sam will be writing exclusively for Bulls.com. The team will continue to give him the independence he had at the Tribune, there will be no editing or watering down, just Sam doing what he does best. I'll be adding his column to my links for easy access.

8 hours left until the NBA season starts, I can't wait.