Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bulls Run Over the Wolves, Lose Larry

By Sean Mackey

The Bulls won their 2nd consecutive preseason game last night against the Minnesota Timberwolves 85-75. The Bulls were up 22-9 at the end of the first quarter. They played without Tyrus Thomas (sore ankle) and Ben Gordon (sore toe).Derrick Rose had another great outing with 17 points and 6 assists. Nocioni chipped in 12 points, Gray had 10 rebounds and Larry Legend had 21 points and 3 steals.

Speaking of the Legend, he went down with a dislocated shoulder in the 3rd quarter. This is great news because VDN won't have to think of a way to distribute time between the onslaught of guards the next few games. On top of this, Ben Gordon should be returning tomorrow night when they take on the Bucks in their last preseason appearance.

I couldn't find a link for the game to post yesterday so I apologize to anyone who came to the blog looking for one. I watched highlights and D-Rose was dismantling defenders and driving the ball inside with a lot of success. I can already see some chemistry building with this team. If Tyrus and Noah can start connecting for some lob passes, this team will be one of the most exciting in the league to watch.

I'll be posting a link tomorrow for the game against the Bucks. Have a great day.