Friday, October 31, 2008

Bulls vs. Celtics live on ESPN Tonight at 8pm EST.!

By Sean Mackey

Happy Halloween everyone! Tonight, the Bulls take on the 2008 NBA Champs, the dreaded Boston Celtics. Words can't describe how much Alex and I hate these dudes. We both still believe their whole assembling was a diversion for fans to forget about the Tim Donaghy scandal. I hate seeing players going into their twilight, switch teams just to get a ring, it's so tacky. I'm still glad Karl Malone never got his ring after his cheap, desperate attempt a few years ago with the Lakers.

Anyways, fresh off the heels of their 13 point victory against the Bucks, the Bulls travel to Boston to try to upset the world champion Celtics who are also 1-0. This game of course will be broadcasted nationally on ESPN at 8:00 p.m. EST. This also will probably be most NBA fans first look at our new guy, Derrick Rose. Keep in mind, Jordan's first visit to the garden resulted in a 27 point performance about 25 years ago. Not that we're going to use that as a measuring stick for Mr. Rose but it would definitely send a message to these guys that their window is closing and his is just opening.

Yeah, they're probably going to get blown out of the water but just two years ago today, pretty much the same team, destroyed an NBA champion on their home floor by 42 points. I just wanna see them fight back tonight, just to show them they're not just gonna lay down. Anything can happen.