Thursday, October 9, 2008

Preseason Game #1 preview, P2P Viewings and NBA 2K9!

By Sean Mackey

The Bulls will start their 8 game preseason tonight against the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavs tore up the Wizards by 26 points on Tuesday so they look hungry. It'll be most interesting to see who the Bulls will start this evening. A lot of people think it's going to be a Rose, Hinrich, Noah, Gooden and Deng lineup but we'll see. I don't really like to pay too much attention to preseason games when teams are playing their 3rd stringers and benching their all-stars. Either way, I expect the Bulls to come out strong.

The game this evening will be broadcasted on CSN Chicago but of course, Alex and I live in Northern KY where the picnic game cornhole is more popular than NBA basketball so there will be no broadcast of this game within a 300 mile radius. So there's always P2P broadcasts right? No, the folks over at aren't even streaming tonights game so yeah, the best we can do is listen to the radio broadcast streamed on

What is you ask? It's a decent website where a bunch of crazed sports fans stream out of area games. Sometimes the quality is decent, other times it's terrible. I'm going to try my best to post either links from myp2p or preferably direct NBA League Pass mms links here on our blog if I can find them on the day of a game. Also, if you are reading this and you can help us post streaming links to games, please send us a comment.

NBA 2K9 came out on Tuesday, I was at Gamestop as soon as I got out of work to pick up this glorious piece of software. It's harder than the previous year's game but the gameplay is a lot more realistic. Rose is an exciting player to use, he's sooooo fast but he sucks at finishing. The commentary still sucks, Clark Kellogg is terrible to begin with but on top of that he's reciting old commentary that Kenny Smith said on last year's installment. One of the more pleasant surprises is that Dennis Rodman is included on this game as a 90's East legend. If I can somehow extract him using a fantasy draft or something to get him on the Bulls, I'm so doing it. Definitely a recommended game here at Chicago Bulls KY. If you have Gamefly rent it, if have the cash, buy it, it's way better than NBA Live.

That is all for today. Tomorrow we'll have a recap of the Bulls/Mavs game and if a link for the game becomes available sometime this afternoon we'll be sure to post it so you can check out Derrick Rose's first game.